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12th-Mar-2008 09:47 pm - Writer's Block: The Things We Carry
What do you always carry with you?
 my ipod!!

it saves my life sometimes! lol

11th-Mar-2008 10:38 am - boooo!
Hey Minasan....

man today i had to drop a class for the very first time.... i'm so sad!! lol i was failing though and if i failed, that could have messed up my trip to Japan this summer.... so i just gotta deal....

i kinda feel like a quitter cause i really wanted to try and do my best... but chances were.... and with my teacher... that i would nottttt pass.. so what ya gonna do..... booo!!! thumbs alll the way down....

when i was in the office at my school withdrawing my class.... there was like a super line building up... so i guess i'm not the only one failing a class.... that still didnt make me feel better though! lol

anyway, spring break was cool! i had hella fun. I went to Northcarolina to visit the fam! lol i met up with one of my old friends and her baby and we all hung out for a while. 

me and my cuz went Karaoke twice and had a lot of fun to... but it was sooooooooo expensive!! omg! 50 bucks for 2 hours? lol come on!!! 

well i'm gonna go now, i'm still feeling somewhat sad about dropping this class.
maybe after i work out i'll feel better

jyaa ne!

20th-Feb-2008 04:09 pm - Just another day
Minasan, ogenki desuka?

watashi... ok  lol

not much going on today.

I' still at school with my friend and we are here trying to figure out what we are going to do

for our US History project.

We just got out of a meeting for the international students association at my school.

this april, we are trying to set up anoher international festival for our campus with activities and

food and all that good stuff from other countries from: Japan (of course! lol)

India, China, Peru, Mexico, Bahamas, a lot of other places to. We want to make sure we have a really good mix of ethnicities in the festival.

I think the theme for this year will be something like festivals around the world, or chinese new year. not really sure yet

if anybody has any ideas, let me know!

ummm.... what else... oh



still feeling crazy.... man my emotions i tell u are something really strange. I guess i need to just 

tell this person how i'm feelin but... so hard!

everytime i see this person i just laugh like a lil kid lol

well i'm gonna go now my laptop is about to die

so catch ya later!


16th-Feb-2008 04:31 pm - People suk sometimes....

Hello world!

how are u??

ok! Let me just start by saying Kanye west tickets go on sale next week!! lol!! 
Now, ......i think it was yesterday i was at work and there were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
many rude people!!!
i'm like what the hell man?
is there something i'm missing??
like was it national be an ass day?
ok, 1st :
this one lady came to my booth in the mall and at my booth we kinda have to 
follow the customers around to make sure they dont seal for one and to persuade them to buy. so the lady comes and i'm 
like HI!! How are you today??? (^^)?? and she says nothing
so i'm like ooh look at this hair clip it will go nice in your hair!
and she's all like "i really dont want you over here while i'm looking"
so i paused to stop my self from getting angry 1st. BUT i still have to be around her cause that's my job, and my boss was there. So i walk back over to her but at a distance and she's all like 
UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG....get away from me......
so i'm like (in my head) no this bi^ch didnt.... lol
after like 30 min of her circling the booth, she did end up buying something but she's like "i dont want anything for myself, i'm gonna get this for my dog..." That made me kinda mad but i was like whatever.....

later in the day....

this other lady came to the booth and she was looking at our hair pieces. So me and my co worker (who is Korean) went over to talk to her and help her. We both pull out this hair piece we think she will like and my co-worker handed it to her. the woman goes..."Chinese people have nice hair, but i dont want it.." and walked away.
We both kinda froze and i was thinking OMG! like did she say that? i was like i hope jenny (my co-worker) is ok...
we were still not moving by the way.. lol
we looked at each other and  all that could come out of my mouth was...WHAAAAAAAT???????
Jenny was like dont worry about it....

There was another bitchy woman to but she was just REALLLLLLLY unfriendly.
 but anyway, it has just been one of those off the wall dumb weeks. Hopefully monday will be better!
i got my hair and nails done so i'm feeling better already! lol

ok i just wanted to share that lil mess with u guys, so i'll be back later!!

talk 2 ya soon!

jyaa mata ne!


14th-Feb-2008 10:42 pm - "V Day"

minasan, Happy Valentines day!!!

i did not have a valentine today....
i had to work today
and you would think i would be happy cause i'm home and not working....

MACHIGAI!!! lol (means wrooooong!)

i'm a lil sad! lol

i havent had a valentine in like 3 years lol....
longer than than that if i talking bout one that i really cared about lol

and it doesnt help that the boy i like.... or whatever is taking things reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly slow!!!

i mean.... i'm not one to rush




i am impateint, cause it really hasnt been that long since we really start "talking" (whatever that means... take it like u want)
its only been like a week and a half.....

but am i wrong?

lol cant blame a girl with feelings! lol
 what am i to do?

i actually got a lil frustrated yesterday 
i was thinkin.... 
u kno....
i just need to say something..... tell him how jayda b is feelin lol


but i dunno 

i need something different or something new to make me feel better....

i cant take this much longer

a vacation would help!

but who has time for that?? lol

maybe when i get to japan, i'll feel better... i'm pretty sure i will but 

someone special would be nice now lol

ok, thats enough of my issues for today

talk to u later if anybody reads this...

if u comment that will make me feel HELLLA better

and i'll love u forever! lol

ok bye!

8th-Feb-2008 09:10 pm - Got Germs?

 Heeeey alll....

man i haven’t been on here in some days!

I've been sick!

Still am a lil bit sick but i feel a lot better than before...

lol on thursday i got up and got dressed and all that stuff and soon as i was about to 

walk out the door to go to my 1st class..... 

i was like this is just not gonna work! i was sleeping alllllllllll day Thursday....

it took me a min to figure out where i got my germs from, and then i remembered my friend had a cold

at this super bowl party i went to, and it (as in his nasty cold germs) finally caught up wit me.... and my friend whom i was with, and his mom, and his sister!! ewww right??

but anyway, a lot has happened lol as usual

hmmm.... lets see...

that boy i like....

like him a lil more

(long story.... don’t feel like elaborating)

i got this job i thought i wasn’t gonna get and i start Monday! (yay!)

got my car fixed up! (yesssssss.....say it like napoleon dynamite)

got a B on my 1st journalism test..... i was hoping for an A but whatever

got a new cd from my tomodachi!
(thanks elizabeth-san!!)

OH!! and best thing of all lol

KANYE, LUPE, and N.E.R.D. are coming to ATL!!!! omg!!!!!!


every time i think of the concert.... or should i say the "GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR" 

i get a bigggg smile of my face lol

gotta get some shutter shades now!!! 



time for some more meds and soup!

i'll be back later!!

Jyaaa ne!


1st-Feb-2008 11:05 am - おはようござ!
well... not really moring but close enough!
this week has been pretty good!

i turned in my scholarship app for japan, so hopefully i get some more toward the trip, 
hmmm... what else..
i went to the japanese grocery store and got some of my fav foods!
hmmm oh! my cuz finally got her x-mas gift i got her..... it came alll the way from china so it took like a month after x-mas to get here!
but it was worth the wait, i think she realllllly likes it! lol
hmmmm what else happened this week.....
worked out a lil bit more....
got a c on a math quiz..... boooo!
this boy i like gave me a kiss on the cheek! lol
that makes up for the c....lol
funny how it happened to... but i'm looking at the clock and i'm running out of time...
i'm supposed to be meeting my friends at the gym at 12, and its like 1130 and i'm still not even dressed.... so i better get going!!

be back later!!


29th-Jan-2008 02:15 pm - Video Blog!
Hey minsan!

Pretty soon i will be off to Japan! (yyaaay!!!) lol
and i am going to do a video blog while i'm there
i plan to do alot of fun activities about japanese culture specifically for the blog so will

anyone watch it for support???
i would love u forever!! lol

i'm gonna post it on youtube ... i'm Jayderade BTW

i have been practicing so i do have one blog up there already.... but... its not good

i was laughing to much and i wasnt being for real but you guys can watch it anyway just for support and if u comment..i'll really love u forever lol!

but please help me out! i'll take suggestions
and any topics to be covered in japan like:

just thoughts but yeah some ideas

more comming soon!

Help a girl out! lol

ok bye!!!
26th-Jan-2008 02:21 pm - BTW...
if anyone is willing to help me i will love you forever! lol

i really need a layout or something cuter on my profile....

i sooo dont know how to do it so if anyone could help

i would greatly appreciated it!!!!

the show was Siccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck!!!
Lupe has got to be the coolest dude i swear! lol
the show was sold out, packed, crowded, all that
He did all my fav... well all his songs are good
The opening act... i cant remember there name but, they were really good to
They were a rock band, but the front hand man rapped to
they even had some reggage type music to
i'm glad lupe picked them to open the show...
just to open everybody's minds up
thats what hip hop (real hip hop.... not souja boy "hip hop")
is all about... different genres and real lyrics....
man we need more rappers like lupe...
He doesnt have all those naked girls and money flying all over the place...
he just makes real music
i dont think he gets enough credit for it thou
Oh! Mathew Santos was there, and all the other artist that are featured on his albums...(Food & Liquor, and The Cool)
Sarah Green, Gemini, Gemstones, Nikki Jean, Mathew Santos, Bishop G
They were all really good to....
lol i know i said i fell in love with hip hop again, but i was never outta love with it... its just that most of the MC's out now
are pure garbage... lol no lie
its like we have a limited supply of real artists....
but maybe soon that will change...
hopefully one day i will get a chance to interview Lupe... (being that my major is Broadcast Journalism) 
i would lovvvvvvvve to be like a hip hop journalist or have a music show in japan or something....
but ok i'm leaving now
got a lot of homework to do!
Boooo! lol
Ok be back later!!
jyaa ne!
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